Ghosts, Caves and Virtual Reality: The 5 Most Unusual Casinos in the World

Most Unusual Casinos

What comes to the mind of the average person at the mention of the word “casino”? Probably the luxuriously decorated buildings of Las Vegas or Macau, and there may also be the glitter and gloss of Monaco.

 However, not all casinos are of the same type. There are also those in the world, in the creation of which the imagination of the authors was imbued with something cosmic. Well, to enjoy the casino at home, you can visit Woo Casino.

Casino in the Basement

What could be more unusual than the idea of going to a casino located in the basement of a real mansion? Such splendor is located in North Cadbury Court (Somerset countryside, near Yeovil). This is a magnificent country residence of the 16th century, where weddings and corporate parties are held today. It has everything to properly relax after a tiring game – several bedrooms, a dining room, a ballroom, a library, and an indoor swimming pool.

Underground Casino

Underground Casino

If the idea of going to the basement to play blackjack or roulette seemed strange to you, what would you say about the cave casino? It is located in the city of Coober Pedy, right in the Australian desert. The place was founded in 1915 by miners who discovered opal here. The living conditions are completely unsuitable (the air temperature sometimes rises to 40 degrees), because the locals came up with the idea to settle in caves underground. Even the location of the casino at the Desert Cave Hotel was no exception.

Haunted Casino

At first glance, Bally’s is no different from other Las Vegas casinos. However, the history of its occurrence can shock particularly impressionable players. Previously, this complex was called the MGM Grand Hotel, and in 1980 it burned down, and more than 80 people died. After the restoration work, the building was sold, and the new owner gave it its current name. It is believed that Bally’s is filled with ghosts. Visitors described terrible incidents, someone saw ghosts on stairwells and in corridors, someone heard strange sounds and watched the movement of furniture.

Casino in Taxi

Casino in Taxi

There are a lot of casinos in the world that claim to be the smallest. And for some reason, the London casino in a taxi is not included in this list. Its official name is Grosvenor Casino. It was created in 2016 by the company of the same name to advertise its tours around the world.

The casino’s exclusivity lies in the fact that its visitors are delivered free of charge to a much more spacious branch on Hill Street. For a fee, you can go to any other place in Birmingham and even on a tour of the cities of the UK.

 Le Casino De Monte Carlo

This casino is considered the most famous and most luxurious in the world. It was built in 1878 thanks to the efforts of architect Charles Garnier and was originally planned as an entertainment center. In addition to gaming halls, this casino has an opera hall, swimming pools, recreation rooms, and walking areas. But you can only get into this casino if you are wearing an evening dress or a tuxedo since the dress code here is very strict.

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