The secret of how to win at blackjack €14,000!

win at blackjack

One of the easiest online casino games to learn to play is Blackjack. The operation is very simple and almost everyone already knows it. If you are one of those who still don’t know him, by way of summary we can say that the player can carry out the following actions: ask for another card, stand, double or divide the play.

Like all successful games, it was only natural that several basic blackjack strategies for winning emerged. But the reality is that I would only trust those that could be proven to be effective. And this is the case of the strategy used by a user who, in just a few hours, won a spectacular prize, more than €14,000! Here are some facts about this blackjack genius:

  • He is a man from Barcelona
  • He’s 31 years old
  • He is a user since June 2016
  • In a single day he managed to win this prize of €14,120
  • He plays roulette and blackjack

How to win at blackjack? Classic strategy after the dealer’s card

Classic strategy

This explanatory table perfectly summarizes the content of this way of playing blackjack. Before going into detail in the development of this blackjak strategy, it is important to make a paradigm shift. It is not only essential to know when to ask for one more card or when to stand. Also, it is essential that the player knows the ideal moment to fold or when it is convenient to separate the hand.

As clearly explained in the table, this strategy consists of what actions must be taken once the dealer’s card has been revealed. But before that you have to know the type of letter.

Weak card: cards between 2 and 6 are considered this way, especially 5 and 6. The percentage that the dealer goes over when he has a card between 2 and 6 will be 35%, and may raise up to 40% with cards 5 and 6.

Strong card: They have a value between 7 and AS. In this way, the dealer will have more than 35% chances that his hand will win compared to ours.

The key to Blackjack

The key to Blackjack

Now is when the fundamental strategy is developed. How to win at blackjack once the dealer’s card is revealed? Of course, also taking into account the letter itself. Here are the possible scenarios and recommended actions:

  • The dealer has a weak card and the player’s hand has hard cards greater than 12. STAND
  • The player has a very good hand, almost winning, being between 17 and 20 points. STAND UP
  • The dealer has a strong card, you have to try to improve his score. Even in the event that the player has a hand with hard cards without reaching the figures of the previous point /between 17 and 20). REQUEST LETTER
  • The dealer has a weak hand, we take advantage by doubling down. FOLD THE HAND
  • If the dealer has a hand of hard cards that totals to 10 or 11 (less if he has a 10 or an ace), statistics show that the next card is likely to have a value of 10. Remember that of the 52 cards in the deck there is a total of 16 that has a value of 10. DOUBLE
  • If the dealer has a weak card, you have to split your hand to take advantage. DETACH HAND

As always, the best way to learn is by practicing this strategy on how to win at blackjack. If you follow these recommendations you will have a much better chance of enjoying more online blackjack and perhaps becoming the next big winner at Sportium. Do you accept the challenge?

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