Circus launch slot: Enjoy the aviator Spaceman game

if you are a fan of this type of casino game, you cannot miss it. What makes this Aviator slot game special? How does it work? We tell you about it in this article!

You will have heard many times that you were in front of a special game, but not every time it was true. The Circus Launch slot is without a doubt a slot game that breaks with convention, so if you are a fan of this type of casino game, you cannot miss it. What makes this Aviator slot game special? How does it work? We tell you about it in this article!

Also nicknamed the Spaceman slot game because of its setting in space, you can choose one of five characters from that circus for the adventure: the space chicken, the unruly pig, the robotic fish, the warrior panda or the monkey. Your objective will be to get the biggest win possible before your space rocket explodes, avoiding losing all the accumulated prizes. Does the circus Launch slot sound good?

What makes this Circus slot special?

One of the points that makes this Spaceman game especially attractive is its probability of obtaining a very high prize, 5000x your bet. The dynamics of the game is based on throwing the ‘Astro-Nut’ to the stars, where it will collect prizes. The trick is to hit the moment when the ship will explode, and collect the biggest prize before.

With the new Circus Launch game, the player can decide when to collect the benefits, possibly before the end of the round. But be careful that the ship doesn’t explode!

The Circus Launch Slot Awards

Circus Launch Slot Awards

In each round you can collect half the prize at any time before the rocket explodes.

  • Half Cash Out Prize = half a bet × the cashed out multiplier.
  • Cash Out Prize = bet (or half a bet) × the cashed out multiplier.

Pay Half and Pay Half prizes from the same round are added together.

  • The minimum value of the multiplier is ×1.01.
  • The maximum value of the multiplier is ×5000.

Characteristics and functionalities of the Spaceman slot

The space adventure of the circus Slot will be accompanied by different functionalities that will convey the same game. They are the following:

Collection (total or automatic): In this way, you can recover everything you have achieved so far, or do it only partially, so that you have it for the next round

Automatic collection: When you throw your character into the sky and start playing, you can set a parameter from which you start collecting

For this game, the minimum bet unit is 0.10, and its minimum cost multiplier will be 1. As we have already advanced, the largest possible win will be 5,000 the initial bet.

What RTP does the Circus slots game have?

One of the main aspects to choose (or not) a slot game is its RTP, its theoretical return to the player. In this case, there is an RTP of 95.99%, with a house hold of 4.01%. What does this mean? In case of infinitely playing 100 bet units, with a normalized level of luck, you would receive 96 of them.

With few exceptions, most online slots have an RTP that ranges between 92% and 97%. This Aviator slot game has a return within the usual parameters, closer to the top of the range… so it is highly recommended!

Tips to Win at Circus Slots

Tips to Win at Circus Slots

One of the most important points to play a slot is to know its RTP, so in this case we are fully covered. What other factor should I take into account? If you have read us, you will know what is the volatility of the game. In this case, in Slot Circus it is high. For newbies, this will mean that there will be less recurring, but higher prizes.

This is good? If you are looking for strong emotions, yes. As long as you define your budget well, and have planned how much to bet and for how long, it will allow you to have a great time. At this point, it will be very interesting that you have a game log, to see which casino games are giving you the best results.

How to play Circus slot?

To play this Spaceman game, from Playtech, you simply have to be registered with Sportium, have an active deposit, and access the slots page. In the same Circus Launch slot you will have a tutorial to understand the game, but in broad strokes, these are the main steps to follow:

  • Once past the loading screen, you are taken to the Main View, with the historical multiplier line, as well as the Change Ship and bet options.
  • In Switch Astro-Nut, you will be able to switch between the 5 mentioned characters.
  • In Bet, you can define the amount to bet, when you will make “Automatic Cashout” and the rounds (if you wish) of Auto Play.
  • Now you can click on the Launch option. You will see the multiplier on your character until… crash!
  • At the end, you can check the prize tables.

Is this Aviator slot game worth it? Absolutely yes, because it meets all the characteristics that a slot game can ask for, as well as offering a renewed interface and dynamics. You can believe us, but without a doubt… THE BEST THING WILL BE TO COME IN AND TRY IT!

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