Copa del Rey Betting: Be successful with these tips

Copa del Rey Betting

Copa del Rey bets are among the most anticipated of the year, especially when the toughest phases of the competition arrive. Despite the fact that teams from lower categories face each other in the early stages, it does not mean that top-level matches will end up arriving, and that you should not pay special attention to your Copa del Rey predictions. It is when there is more emotion!

The first rounds of Copa del Rey betting are ideal for the most unconditional fans of this sport. It is a very good opportunity to find big surprises, a team with little potential that leaves La Liga titans out of the game. It is something rare, but with very juicy quotas and prizes if you get it right. This leads us to matches that, based on experience alone, are a true lottery for modest clubs.

But on the other hand, the last rounds open the doors to matches at the highest level, with firefights to win the competition. Your Copa del Rey bets should emphasize the motivation factor, in all phases, among all the other parameters to make predictions for the Copa del Rey.

Copa del Rey predictions 2022/23

The competition arrives again, with which the bets and forecasts of the Copa del Rey are red hot. Do you want to see what statistics are on the table? Do not miss the best predictions!

Long-term bets for the Copa del Rey

In addition to betting on each Copa del Rey match, you can also do so with long-term bets, on the winner of the competition. They are an ideal complement to your betting strategy, but they should never be the base, since they will compromise your investment for a long time. Who is the favorite for the Copa del Rey?

The Copa del Rey is fertile ground for surprises. While in 4 out of 5 editions of La Liga Barcelona or Madrid have won, only 2 out of 5 has happened in the Copa del Rey. 3 teams have won in the last 10 editions of La Liga, 2 Atlético and 4 each from Barcelona and Madrid, for 5 different winners in 10 editions of the Copa del Rey: Madrid, Valencia, Betis, Real Sociedad and Atlético in one edition , and Barcelona in 5.

History of the Copa del Rey

History of the Copa del Rey

Barcelona is the most experienced team present in the Copa del Rey, with 31 titles in 42 finals. But the revulsive team is Athletic, which has participated in 39 finals, of which it has won 23. However, the last victory was in 1984, with a runner-up in 2015. Real Madrid has won 19 and Atlético 10, while Valencia with 8 also stands out. Betis was the last winner, with 3 titles. Although the winner is usually always one of the greats of Spanish football, in these rounds there can be surprises:

  • Teams in difficult areas that focus efforts on La Liga
  • Big clubs that play with B against teams that play a great role
  • Groups from the lower zone that give everything against one from the upper zone that is less motivated

In short, 14 teams have won the Copa del Rey, compared to 9 in La Liga, while 35 have participated in Cup finals, while only 18 teams have been runners-up in La Liga.

Copa del Rey Bets and Predictions: how to get it right

The first thing to keep in mind when betting on the winner of the Copa del Rey is that it is a knockout tournament from the beginning. This, especially when we get to the last rounds, is absolutely key. It allows us to classify a bit what type of matches we are going to find at any given time, depending on the teams and their characteristics.

And if we bet on second legs of said qualifiers, that ability to predict even a possible or possible exact markers is even greater. It’s still tough, of course, but with a certain result already given in the first leg, we know what scores both contenders need to get through the tie or not.

In this sense, the bets for the Copa del Rey are similar to those for the UEFA Champions League in its last knockout phase

But knowing what type of matches we can find in each of the two matches of a Copa del Rey crossover is not only used to determine an exact result or score. It is also very useful for trying to narrow down a possible number of total goals, goals for one team or another, development of the match itself or even delving into more complex markets, such as cards and corners.

  • Copa del Rey predictions: other keys
  • Casualties/Sanctioned in each match
  • Rotations (increasingly important element)
  • Team situation in La Liga/European competitions
  • Virtues and defects of each team

From these secondary keys we can draw several conclusions. If a big team is not having a good season in La Liga and is already knocked out of the Champions League or the Europa League, surely they will put everything on the grill to try to win the Copa del Rey. In the same way, a team that is rushing to win in other scenarios, can get confused.

Likewise, a team that rotates a lot and uses substitutes to compete in the KO tournament will receive a different treatment in the betting forecasts compared to one that competes with all its starters; and a team that is very strong in attack but fragile in defense against one whose virtues are the opposite, may have it more difficult to overcome a two-legged tie.

So far, logical and easy, right? Well let’s continue.

Copa del Rey Final Bets: Tips

Copa del Rey Final Bets

In the Copa del Rey Bets, bets on the final must receive a different treatment. This is the only match that is played in a single match (excluding the first rounds between teams from minor categories). And since it is a final, it becomes more unpredictable.

Although when it is a duel between two big Spanish football teams it usually adjusts to the parameters of ‘normal’ bets between the two, this changes when a team that is highly favorite and another that is not so much reaches the final. Here the doubt always assails us: bet on a logical final (that is, the favorite wins) or play it with the illusion of the candidate?

Copa del Rey Betting: 10 Commandments

All in all, we still have a series of basic rules to take into account when making Sports Betting on the Copa del Rey, which we could summarize in these 10 Commandments that we should rarely leave aside when we want to define our forecasts for the KO tournament. Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Level of both teams
  • Style of both teams (facing a double-legged tie)
  • Situation of each team in the rest of the competitions (needs)
  • Moment of form of each team
  • Injured and absent due to suspension of each team
  • For the first leg: how the home/visitor team will play (attacking, defensive)
  • Rotations in each team
  • For the return: result of the first leg (obvious)
  • Recent trajectory of each team in the Copa del Rey
  • A minimum surprise fee ALWAYS possible (more than in other tournaments)

Follow these tips well and… get ready to bet and win in the Copa del Rey!

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