Madrid Chelsea Betting Tips: Quarter Betting

Madrid Chelsea Betting Tips

Fate is capricious and has wanted Chelsea Madrid betting to be back on the agenda. For the third time in a row, both teams face each other in a Champions League tie, with the detail that whoever has passed has won the competition. Will the whites now succeed this year? Let’s see the predictions for Chelsea Madrid.

The first round of this tie will be in Madrid, where the locals are clearly favourites… The ‘blues’ do not arrive at their best moment, and although they have passed rounds of the Champions League, above all a Borussia, in the Premier they are not at their best! moment. The bets on Chelsea Madrid fall on the local side, but giving the English for dead would be most irresponsible on the part of the madridistas.

  • Madrid is classified @1.61
  • Chelsea advance to the semis @2.15

On the other hand, Madrid is not arriving at its best moment either, although the whites are always competitive in the highest European competition… keep that in mind in your predictions for Chelsea Madrid!

Madrid Chelsea Betting: The best odds

Madrid Chelsea Betting

It should not be strange to us that Madrid is a favorite both in the first leg and in the next round, especially due to its high competitiveness in Europe. These are the best odds for Madid Chelsea!

We only have two records of direct confrontations at the Santiago Bernabéu. Although with the condition of the tie, Chelsea managed a draw and a victory, always scoring both and with a high goal average.

Predictions Madrid Chelsea: Match with goals

If we look at this edition of the Champions League, we see a very strong white team, while the ‘blues’ have known how to be competitive when it’s their turn. What statistics do we have for betting on Madrid Chelsea?

  • Madrid have won every home game in the Champions League, Chelsea 2 of 4
  • 10 goals for Chelsea, against 4 for Madrid, in 4 games
  • Chelsea have won 1 game by more than one goal, Madrid 2
  • In 4 Champions League games, 7 goals in Chelsea games, 12 in Madrid games

All in all, everything seems to point to a match with goals. Even more so if we look at last year’s statistics. To this is added the last precedent of Madrid Chelsea predictions, where 9 goals were scored in the tie.

Madrid Chelsea bets: Your data in the League

Madrid Chelsea bets

The data of each team in their respective league is also relevant and to be taken into account, although the difference in level of rival teams, the tendencies and the style of play in each competition can skew them. Still, it’s important to know them…

  • Chelsea have won 1 of 10 away games, the last
  • Madrid has not lost in the League at home, with 3 of 5 victories
  • Chelsea have not scored in 2 of 4 away games
  • Madrid have not conceded in 3 of 5 home games

Even so, Madrid Chelsea bets have a key factor: motivation. Although the statistics point to a game with goals and a slight home advantage, the decisive aspect of the game can lead to better defenses and more tension in general. A good example of this is last year’s semifinals… Enjoy the magic of the Champions League!

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