Spanish Second Division betting: the road to success

Spanish Second Division betting

Welcome to this Second Division betting tips post. Betting on the Spanish Second Division is one of the keys to success for the brightest bettors in the country.

Every gram of information that you have for your Spanish second division bets is a weapon to earn a significant amount of money betting on this category. We are talking about a league outside the big media spotlight, so following all the information for your SmartBank League forecasts will require an extra effort. But don’t worry… we are here to help you.

Second Division bets and predictions 2022-23

The long-awaited season begins, with an eye on the Spanish silver league. These are the forecasts for your second division bets: Levante UD v Real Zaragoza – 03/31/2023 – 21:00

Tips for your Second Division bets

Betting on the second division is a very recurring trend in recent times, which does not mean that it is easy or guarantees success without work. There are a series of keys to follow to make forecasts for the Second Division, common to other types of soccer bets, but also some peculiarities.

Betting on the SmartBank League, an even competition

Betting on the SmartBank League

The classification in the second division matters, and a lot, and there are more and more differences between the teams. In the last edition, there was a 25-point difference and a 29-goal difference between 1st and 10th, a gap that is widening more and more. What characterizes the days of second? What difference second division first?

Fewer goals: While, in first division bets, a Handicap is an easy resource in an uneven match, in your SmartBank League bets you should be very careful with this resource. While Barça, Madrid or even Sevilla surround or far exceed the average of 2 goals per game, in second place nobody reaches the 2nd goal per game. In fact, only Almería and Valladolid (those automatically promoted) exceeded 1.5 goals per game.

More goals per game. Although the second division games historically moved at an average of two goals per game, in this latest edition it has been close to 2.5, specifically 2.4. Being a second category translates into a more clogged football and with fewer goals, but closing the gap with the 1st, which in turn reduces its scoring ability year after year. 8 teams out of the 22 exceeded the average of 2.5 goals in their matches, so detecting the highest scoring clubs can be a real advantage in second bets.

More weapons to bet on: What is certain is that beyond betting on Second Division matches, you have a good resource for betting on the Second Division: promotion and relegation. You can closely follow which teams have gone up or down, because thanks to the “elevator teams” this task becomes much easier.

Watch out for changes: Now, the previous point can be a double-edged sword. But being successful in this aspect is closely related to having up-to-date information for your bets on the SmartBank League. As? Very easy! Look at the ups and downs in the teams. If a club falls from the first division, it may not maintain its main players and a rout may occur. In this case, directly forecasting its rise may be rash. On the contrary, in clubs with a lot of identity that keep their players, they may have better numbers.

As always, do not hesitate to check your own Second Division betting forecasts with the odds on social media or with sports betting experts. We share the best advice from the best experts. Of course, if you like more modest soccer betting, we’ve also gone over the best tips for Segunda División B betting and Tercera División betting.

Keys to bet on Second: elevator teams

Keys to bet on Second

The factor of teams that have been relegated from the First Division is becoming increasingly relevant, since they are teams that usually achieve good results. In the previous edition, Valladolid was promoted on the fast track and Eibar was left at the gates, but with a good performance throughout the season. two years ago, it was RCD Espanyol and Mallorca that went up automatically. The team that went up automatically the previous season, Girona, had also been in 1st recently.

It will not be a secret to see that you have to pay attention to teams with a history in First Division, although with caution. The relegation is not accidental and may be due to a longer crisis, as is the example of Huesca, which after being relegated stagnated in 13th place.

Importance of the motivation factor

Another important recommendation when betting on Segunda is the motivation factor, especially considering that there are not large level differences (usually) between teams. The best thing to do when betting on the Second Division in the last days of the Second Division is to bet in favor of the teams that are at stake (either above or below) against those that are not at stake. Normally they give us low odds in this type of match, but in reality it is that the team that is at stake almost never fails.

Finally, it is very important to control volatility. This element becomes very clear if we analyze the difference in points between 1st and 10th in recent editions, which indicates that caution must be maximized, especially in the first rounds:

  • 2021-22: First 81 points, Tenth 56 (+25)
  • 2020-21: 82 and 54 (+28)
  • 2019-20: 70 and 57 (+13)
  • 2018-19: 87 and 60 (+27)
  • 2017-18: 76 and 61 (+16)
  • 2016-17: 84 and 55 (+29)

As you can see, in some editions there are 1 or 2 teams that clearly stand out from the others, which can give free rein to betting with a handicap, make goal predictions or simply safer Money Line bets. But until after a few days it will not be clear (or it could be a streak), and live a tighter season. Bet with maximum moderation!

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